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Another Baikal


There are many unique destinations and opportunities for premium incentives in Russia for top managers and key partners, but only Baikal and the unique "handmade" incentive trip that our partners have developed for the summer season will allow corporate MICE-customers to immerse themselves in the lauthentic atmosphere of the Baikal region.
Northern Baikal is not traveled by tourist trails. Each of the seven days of the trip is filled with new unique impressions - from the peaks and meadows of the Khamar-Daban ridge, kayaking on mountain lakes, communication with seals on the Ushkany Islands, the beauties of Ayaya Bay, to the Khakusy thermal springs, the waterfall of Lake Gitara and the source of the Lena River on Baikal ridge.
You will visit places that only the initiates know about. In places very "strong", the most inaccessible. This is a truly wild and untouched land. For millions of years, nature has been creating this beauty so that only you and your colleagues and partners can touch it this summer. We will go on a cruise on a comfortable yacht to a wild land, to the very north of Lake Baikal, we will visit its deepest place. We will take a helicopter to the Baikal Range to visit places with "cosmic" energy. We will also catch fish in the mountain rivers!

Exotic corners in the heart of Siberia create a mood for a long time, and the energy of Baikal fills and inspires. And premium DMC - Baikal Business Travel will take care of premium comfort and safety.

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